Sunday, October 11, 2009

The only option for MCA

OCT 11 – The delegates have spoken. No matter how both sides are going to spin the results, there is no denying the following:

1) The central delegates want both Ong and Chua out of leadership positions in MCA.

2) They have lost confidence in both leaders.

3) They want fresh presidential elections to elect new leaders.

If MCA does not hold fresh party elections and Ong hangs on as president, or one of the vice-presidents takes over as president, there is little doubt that MCA’s slogan of reform will be seen as empty rhetoric to the public.

Indeed one could argue that Ong’s refusal to resign on the spot suggests that MCA is no better than any third world political parties. There is nothing ambiguous about the vote, the delegates do not want Ong.

You can use all sorts of legal arguments on why you do not have to resign but the public will not be fooled by legalspeak.

The same goes for Chua, the delegates do not want him as their deputy president or president.

The only way out of the present crisis is for both Ong and Chua to enjoy their retirement and leave MCA with a bit of honour intact. more at Malaysian Insider

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