Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Malaysian Idiot

Malaysia, truly Asia! Land of a Thousand Smiles! Perhaps two often heard phrases about Malaysia on the airwaves and television. By nature Malaysians are rather polite until they get behind the wheel. The regular citizen then mysteriously changes into an ugly, disgusting moron.

Jumping queue, spitting, tail-gating, lane-hogging, using the cellular while lane-hogging and the list is endless. You wonder why? I shall leave the professional answer to the professors of out institutes of higher learning but generally I'd say the lack of enforcement is the main reason. Yes, yes there is the annual Ops Sikap during festivals but what good is that if you do not enforce the law throughout!

Some say that road etiquette must be indoctrinated from a tender age but I say it is not going to make much difference. Humans by nature are conniving so the average person will eventually break the law if they know they will escape punishment almost every time.

It is sad that the leaders failed to bring the people into the civilised world while they were engrossed with foolishly creating civilised icons like the Petronas Tin Towers, Formula One racing circuit and many more.

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