Friday, April 16, 2010

THE PATRIOT GAME - Dr Kua Kia soong

Dr Kua on Brain Drain
When I was a young rebel in the Seventies, I received the news that my brother-in-law and eldest sister were emigrating to Australia with pious indignation. I felt that despite the injustices, Malaysians should stay and fight for our rights while helping to build the country.

Has any UMNO leader expressed regret or remorse over this brain drain? No! These “drained brains” have been greeted with “good riddance!” at UMNO general assemblies through the years since all the Umnoputras are more concerned about the dubious figures proclaiming a higher proportion of bumiputera representation in the professions.

on patriotism
In recent years, there has been plenty of breast beating among the Umnoputras, with flag waving, keris kissing and singing of patriotic songs. But how many of these Umnoputras can proudly stand up and say that they patriotically took part in the liberation war against the British colonialists and the Japanese fascists?

Hardly any!

Yet, how many Malayan patriots have given their lives in these two campaigns? Have they ever been honoured by the country they defended?

They were honoured by the Allies for their valour during the anti-Japanese resistance after the Second World War in London. Have our historians exposed those who collaborated with the Japanese fascists during the Second World War - the “quislings who sold out the patriot game”?

At least one man, Chin Peng can claim that he achieved this and today he merely wants the opportunity to visit his homeland that he defended against British colonialism and Japanese fascism but he is unable to do this!

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