Tuesday, April 14, 2009

(Another) Bus Crash

Six people are dead as yet another express bus crash in the early morning (5.30am) of Monday near Rawang on the North-South Expressway. Investigations revealed that the driver, Fauzi Mohammed had received eight previous summonses for speeding, while his co-driver Zulkhibri Md Saad, 35, who was decapitated in the crash, had six summonses and five arrest warrants pending for the same offence.

So our cops allow maniacs to endanger the lives of a bus-load of people plus other road users. And the bus companies must really value these speed demons as time is money! I think the "blame game" starts now with JPJ (Road Transport Dept.), Polis, bus owner, etc all blaming each other and after a week or two all will be forgotten. I guess it is very difficult to enforce the law in Malaysia.

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