Friday, February 27, 2009

UMNO thugs attacks invalid

A GROUP of 22 men claiming to be Selangor Umno Youth members confronted DAP chairman Karpal Singh. just outside the Parliament tower block yesterday.

In the 2.45pm incident, the men surrounded the Bukit Gelugor MP, shouting and demanding that he retract the word celaka which he had used in reference to Umno Youth during his debate speech on Wednesday.

Unlike other MPs, Karpal Singh – who is wheelchair-bound – uses the ramp at the tower block to enter the Parliament building. The Star

‘Again we see the thuggish and samseng attitude of Umno Youth members. What's really appalling is that Umno leaders, instead of condemning this barbaric act, are actually encouraging it more.' Malaysiakini

I bet there will NOT be any action taken on these scums. More likely they'll get a pat on the back by their paymasters. Bravery personified as they require over 20 morons to intimidate an old man in wheelchair! In Boleh Land, the law is truly "blind".

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