Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kulim: A few questions for CID chief

Another stinker from the PDRM (cops)! Six baddies are shot dead. Cops recover a semi-automatic Smith & Wesson 9mm with seven rounds of ammunition and a .38 revolver with five bullets were recovered from the bodies. Do the maths! Two handguns, six men and four women in house. Cops barged into house and I suppose one or two of the suspects fired several shots at cops. Cops return fire and kills ALL six of them. Were three men sharing a gun each? Or it is standard procedure to shoot every male whether they are armed or not. Hell, they could be wearing explosive vests under their shirts you know! No mention of how many shots were fired by cops but I'd say plenty.

Unless a thorough forensic examination is done by an acceptable third party we may never know the truth. Just as in the Kugan case , people have doubts about the integrity of such autopsy reports.

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